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Social media has unquestionably changed the world. It has transformed how we live, the way we communicate, stay informed and even the way businesses operate. Despite speculation around the negative im...

Monday, 29 Mar 2021

Few people nowadays can imagine their lives without social media. And for many, it has become a virtual place of business. So, it's only natural that the role of these platforms in the marketing world...

Monday, 22 Mar 2021

Advertising has certainly evolved dramatically over the years, however its purpose has remained the same – to persuade a group of people to believe in something, buy something or act on something. T...

Monday, 15 Mar 2021

As the new year unfolds itself, changing perceptions and tastes of people reveal themselves as technology keeps on evolving. Companies' marketing efforts are increasing with competition getting toughe...

Monday, 08 Mar 2021

Email marketing, a part of internet marketing, entails you sending a broadcast email message. You can send an email to an audience that has granted express permission and has subscribed to receive an ...

Monday, 01 Mar 2021

Gone are the days when people used to read the whole content with undivided attention. Today, with the social media i...

Monday, 22 Feb 2021

Social media influencers are people with a significant number of subscribers/followers across various social media platforms. They use global platforms with a wide userbase, such as Instagram, TikTok,...

Friday, 19 Feb 2021

What are IG trends for 2021? Instagram has been able to draw attention towards itself with fewer people using Facebook, especially the younger generation is more inclined towards Instagram. Followers ...

Monday, 15 Feb 2021

Brands need recognition and appreciation at every level. Brand managers constantly lookout for ways to keep their brands highlighted for one thing or the other. In the modern world, digital plays an i...

Monday, 08 Feb 2021

Gone are the days when there was little competition. Today, brands are competing on every possible front. This is why brands are investing heavily in marketing. Whether it is digital or on-ground mark...

Monday, 01 Feb 2021