What is a nano-influencer ?

We consider as an influencer someone who promotes content to his or her community.
At Poptribe, we are specialized in nano influence, which mainly targets accounts with less than 3000 subscribers (so most of the people in the world). There is no better advertisment than content created by a user himself for his friends. Authentic people are the most effective marketing tool, it's time to unlock the power!

Who are the brands ?

If you want to promote something online, you are considered as "brand". Our customers are agencies, artists, entrepreneur, designers or any other maker with a project to promote on social media.

How do I create a campaign ?

Just click on START on and we'll walk you through our 3 easy steps. Poptribe is easy and you can launch your campaign in a minute without strong marketing skills.

Can I choose my influencers ?

No, on Poptribe you choose the people  target but can't choose individually every nano-influencer. It's better when people choose you in order to be sure that people who Promote you, really love your content

What if people post bad content related to my business ?

In the rare event this occurs, the influencer will not be paid and his reach is not count. So Don't worry about this, it have no impact ! You won't be charged for posts not published as agreed.

How are the influenceurs selected ?

Anyone can be an influencer ! Did you know that engagement rate of people with less than 1000 followers is 8 times higher than the average influencer ? We carefully select all people on our platform and trusted each account. When Poptribe was started it was a service used by us and our friends to promote songs, fashion brand and restaurant. We will never allow our friends to be put into an uncomfortable situation due to our service.  At Poptribe, everyone is an influencer.

How is the price of my campaign calculated ?

In order to calculate your fare, Poptribe analyze data from the targeted audience, the quality of your content and calculate the potential reach and engagement. Poptribe charges you only the minimal reach and engagement. If you explode our expectation, you will not pay more #PoptribeFair

How to insure myself against fake views accounts/likes/follows ?

The users on our platform are all human verified which makes us a first extremely qualitative filtering. Then, we analyze about 40 qualitative criterias per profile to generate its authenticity score. Having a fake account on Poptribe is extremely hard, but we are never safe from a technical/human bug. If this happens, we will immediately refund you.


I'm not famous on social media, is it a problem ? 

Absolutely not !
At Poptribe, we are specialized in nano-influence, which mainly targets accounts with less than 3000 subscribers (so most of people in the world).

Can I get products ?

You can have products by exchanging the tokens your earned thanks to your campaigns.Go in the "experience" tab to choose the product or experience you want.If Nothing catch you eyes, you can convert your tokens in real cash and withdraw it directly to your bank account.

Am I forced to share content ?

Absolutely not! We only offer you quality content that you have asked us to discover. It's your decision to share it or not. You fully own and control your digital life.

How do you sort out harmful content ?

Before a campaign start, each user has to respect the Poptribe terms and conditions. In case of non respect of these rules, these users will be banned from our platform. Also, a human team associated with artificial intelligence sorts the content that appears online.

I didn't receive my money or experience

According to your bank , some transfers can take longer due to security transfers. If you didn't receive your cash after 7 days, contact us at We will find a solution, no worries :)

How many posts can I share per week ?

In order to avoid spam and maintain the quality of your accounts, the number of publications is limited to one instagram story per day.

How much can I earned on Poptribe for each post ?

Our internal algorithm analyses more than 40 different quality criterias from your posts and account.
On average, influencers earn one cent per view on instagram StoryIf we detect robots or fake views, we immediately delete the concerned account.

Earn money by sharing brands, artists or projects you love.

What if an Influencer breaches House Rules?

We take our House Rules extremely seriously and have the power to suspend an account immediately. If you feel a member has breached our guidelines, please notify us at

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