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Fraud detection (clicks, views, bots,...)
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Ambassadors post performance monitoring
Dashboard with daily updated data
Priority support
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Pixels/scripts retargeting
Ambassadors informations (email, phone, address...)
Ambassadors multi-authentication (3FA)
Advanced deep data analysis for each campaign
Ambassadors audit analysis
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Best choice to retarget ambassadors and their community in order to create a community around your brand.
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Features Overview

And that's not Everything

Influencer sourcing

Our software delivers your content to the most appropriate people according to their interests and preferences.

Influencers quality control

We have a very rigorous process in place before and after influencers are approved on Poptribe, so you are sure to reach only real people.

Post requierements

We ensure all ambassadors involved in your campaign contribute in the best way by complying with our quality process.

Fraud detection

Each user using fake views / likes / clicks is not considered and automatically banned from our platform.

Post performance analysis

Our algorithms analyze the individual performance of each ambassador before bringing it to your dashboard.

Bank Transfers

You have nothing to manage. Poptribe is in charge of rewarding influencers according to their performance and posts quality.


Access your results and options in your own customized dashboard

Growth & retargeting (database)

Get informations from the ambassadors involved in your campaign (name, email, phone, address & usernames)
RGPD compliant

Sentiment analysis

Get an in-depth qualitative analysis of the shared content (verbatims...).

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